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Company: NIC ASIA Bank


JOB / POSITION TITLE Branch Manager (Junior Officer)


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Location: Koshi Region Branches (Haat Khola Branch & Rani Mills Area Branch- Biratnagar Morang); Required Number: 2;This position requires an ability to impeccably carry the Bank’s Brand and effectively act as Bank’s Brand Representative. The candidates are expected to possess excellent competitive, market, and product intelligence and be able to chalk out instrumental marketing plans, strategies and roadmaps and ensure their effective implementation. The candidates should have abilities to train, nurture and groom team members and motivate the team for greater achievements and should possess an ability to lead the Branch towards achieving the set goals while enhancing customer experience; Eligibility Criteria: Preferably Master’s Degree but not less than Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline or Chartered Accountants; Minimum 5 years of banking experience or in related field and having experience in Credit/Relationship/Branch Management; Age not below 21 and not exceeding 40 years

Last date to apply: 16 October 2018


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